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CARFAX Canada reports are increasingly popular, especially when buying or selling a used vehicle. First, you should know that CARFAX Canada is a commercial web service that provides used vehicle history reports to both individuals and dealers.

With a CARFAX Canada report, you will have access to accident data on the vehicle you are interested in, the status of any outstanding liens (i.e., whether there are any remaining payments on the vehicle), outstanding safety recalls, and a complete history of the vehicle in Canada and the United States.

Both buyers and sellers can benefit from CARFAX Canada’s vehicle history reports. The buyer will feel secure knowing that they have data and information about the used vehicle they are about to purchase. The seller who displays CARFAX has credibility and shows his customers that all his used vehicles have a complete history.

The CARFAX Canada Vehicle History and Lien Report is the most comprehensive document available. It will give you access to the detailed vehicle record. It also contains accident history, used car registration information, stolen vehicle verification, etc.

Finally, it is possible to order a CARFAX Canada report online. All you need is the vehicle identification number (VIN), which appears on your registration form and also on the vehicle itself.

Finally, with CARFAX Canada you will have peace of mind and nothing will escape you about the vehicle you are about to own. Look for the CARFAX Canada logo the next time you are shopping for a used car.