For its next-generation F-150 truck, Ford is pushing the envelope with exclusive innovations that put it far ahead of its competitors. The new 2021 Ford F-150 hybrid truck with its PowerBoost engine is a badass that offers ever more power, range and fuel economy. The big truck, which already had a good reputation among travelers and workers, but a little less so among green groups, now offers the best of both worlds by adapting to modern concerns without compromising on power.

Réjean Laporte in Saint-Norbert in Lanaudière, near Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Saint-Jean-de-Matha, Berthierville and a few minutes from Joliette, presents the new generation of F-150, showing you all the characteristics of the hybrid engine and what it brings as a novelty.
F-150: a hybrid version that packs a punch!

As previously mentioned, the F-150 remains, in its hybrid version, the same rugged truck that develops a staggering amount of power. The combination of the 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine and a 35 kW electric motor creates a duo that adds up to a powerful combination. Towing capacity is record-breaking in its class, with up to 12,000 pounds of towing capacity. Its range on a single tank of gas is 1126 km. This makes the model just as suitable for heavy-duty work and travel as the other models.

What's more, thanks to its electric motor connected to a 1.5 kW/hr lithium-ion battery, it recharges automatically via the motor and regenerative braking. No need to worry about recharging the electric motor. Since Ford knows that you make long trips or use your truck for long periods of work, the manufacturer avoids having to go through charging stations which, depending on where you are, can be difficult to find.

New and exclusive to Ford is the new Pro Power Onboard, a never-before-seen generator for this class of vehicle. Available as standard on all models except those with the entry-level engine, the power panel uses the engine to power the toughest accessories and tools.

In fact, the plug-in hybrid offers the most powerful standard generator, with a 2.4 kW output and four 120-volt outlets. Whether you need it for a simple charger or fridge, or for tools such as a jackhammer or concrete mixer, you'll be served. An even more powerful 7.2 kW generator is also available for larger needs. With a 240-volt outlet, it can charge two electric bikes or power tools to build a house!

Of course, the F-150, far from being just a vehicle, can also be an office, a living room and even a resting place, thanks to the brand new options added by the American manufacturer on the side of the spacious interior. The work area in the center console, for example, will allow the driver to work right in the vehicle. Available maximum reclining seats are also welcome on those long, grueling days when a nap is needed.

The six versions of the vehicle remain unchanged. From the XL to the Limited, as well as the timeless Lariat Sport and King Ranch, the company promises a truck that is always more luxurious, always more advanced in terms of technology and, above all, always more powerful and advanced. The best ally of workers and travelers is transforming itself over time by innovating more and more. This year, it's thanks to the strength of this new hybrid engine that we'll be hearing about Ford, which is taking a big step in the direction of the ecological transition.
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