With its tapered lines, Mustang-like grille and front light signature with the three distinctive claws of Ford's ancestral car, the Mach E is a 4.70-meter long electric SUV with the Mustang's vertical taillights extending along the tailgate. The Mach E SUV is a revolution for Ford, especially with this first large SUV that allows Ford to enter the world of SUVs, this time inspired by the legendary Mustang.

Réjean Laporte et Fils in Saint-Norbert in Lanaudière, near Berthierville, Saint-Gabriel and Joliette, takes us through the details of Ford's all-new 100% electric SUV, the one that is likely to turn heads and give you great sensations on the roads of Quebec, Canada and the United States.
Discovering the Ford Mach E

First of all, the Mach E which was unveiled on November 17, 2019 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, received an impressive amount of good feedback, it looks great with the distinct pony on the vehicle's grille and looks great all around. As a very good sized SUV, it has plenty of storage in the front and rear of the vehicle with a maximum capacity of over 500 liters of trunk space, ideal for taking the family on an adventure.

While the exterior of the Ford Mach E is inspired by the Mustang, the interior is quite different, except perhaps for the dashboard with its double hump typically borrowed from the legendary Ford coupe. A gigantic 15.6-inch vertical display is clearly visible, containing a wealth of information on driving style, performance and power, and many other relevant information on a blue background that gives the cabin a sense of depth and allows you to access all the intelligent functions. On the other hand, the dashboard display is quite minimalist, worthy of sporty vehicles that require more attention to the controls of the tilt steering wheel, heated with innovative features.

In terms of comfort, the Mach E, which may look low from the outside, offers plenty of room for the driver and front passenger as well as for the rear passengers, with good legroom and headroom. The seats are super comfortable and allow you to feel at ease for long road trips.

The most spectacular element of this 100% electric SUV is without a doubt the value of its battery or batteries since there will be two types of battery, one of 75 kWh with a power of 258 horsepower and another one of 99 kWh that will develop 285 horsepower in the RWD version. In the Integral version of the Ford Mach E, a 99 kWh battery will allow for 337 horsepower, which is a spectacular advance in the field of electrification/power.

As for the battery autonomy, we are already talking about extremely positive data for the European market, ranging from 420 km to 600 km depending on the version, either the Rear Wheel Drive or the Integral (some variants are to be expected on the North American market). The 10 to 80 percent recharge time will be completed in 45 minutes, allowing you to quickly get back on the road and continue the adventure in this first 100 percent electric Mustang family car.

In short, the Ford Mach E, unveiled recently in Los Angeles, is a very good-sized SUV for the family. It has some of the Mustang's mythical elements, but has its own personality. Of course, it's powerful, efficient, agile and user-friendly. It is adapted for family adventure and will be available later in 2020.
Réjean Laporte et Fils, at the forefront of innovation!

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Réjean Laporte et Fils is always on the lookout for new products, and by presenting the Mach E, it shows that the American manufacturer's innovation continues at a rapid pace and that the world of SUVs continues to gain momentum at Ford. Réjean Laporte et Fils is undoubtedly your dealer with a bright future in Lanaudière.