An electric F-150, why not!

There's no doubt that the American manufacturer Ford is pushing ingenuity to the limit when it talks about electrifying its various truck versions, including an all-electric F-150. Yes, yes, you heard right, Ford is thinking of marketing a version of an electric truck, and that would be its famous F-150 or even a hybrid F-150. The American manufacturer is pushing its engineers to work hard to get more into the design of hybrid and electric vehicles in segments that are still underdeveloped. Réjean Laporte, your Ford dealer in Lanaudière par excellence, located in Saint-Norbert, remains on the lookout for these advanced technologies.

Let's focus for a moment on these electric vehicles. First of all, their architecture is relatively simple. Electrical energy is supplied by a battery that powers an electric motor through one or more power converters. This technology is currently being used for small vehicles designed for urban travel. Ford is interested in this technology and is now trying to use it on its F-150 trucks.

A team of experienced engineers is juggling with the idea of having an even more powerful battery in these vehicles with an increased range. Since the Ford F-150 is a powerful, high-performance truck and the best-selling pickup for more than 50 years, it remains a challenge to design an electric model that is just as appealing to the customer. On the other hand, sustainable mobility is causing engineers to take a growing interest in this option.

Ford is innovative and follows the major environmental trends. The electric movement is underway and with it new ideas are emerging all over the world. Ford surprises us again and again by pushing the envelope in other segments, such as SUVs and electric trucks. Confident of success with a larger vehicle, Ford is breaking new ground with an electric F-150.

So the Ford vehicles of tomorrow, the Ford trucks, the Ford F-150, those full-size pickups, will be even more innovative, without losing their efficiency and power. This is the watchword in the manufacturer's plants around the world. Ford is forward-thinking and far-sighted while many continue to think the same way. The electric movement is on the move and it's stronger than we think. It's about to become a competitor in garage spaces and parking lanes in Quebec, Canada and the United States. Finally, confident of success with a larger vehicle, Ford is breaking new ground with an electric F-150.

This truck, the best-selling of all time, is an ingenious design that is sure to attract consumers in the next few years. Its configuration and Ford price are not yet defined, but the architecture is taking shape and the American giant intends to surprise us with its high-performance electric propulsion.
Réjean Laporte, a key player in the region

Your Ford dealer on the North Shore in Lanaudière, Réjean Laporte et Fils in Saint-Norbert, near Berthierville and Joliette, has been offering you unmatched prices and outstanding service for a long time, and has an experienced team at your disposal to advise you. Come and discuss the new Ford trends at your dealership, and aim high with the F-150, the most profitable vehicle on the roads of Quebec, Canada and the United States.

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