The Business Class: standards and requirements

Because Réjean Laporte et Fils is well aware that the needs of an entrepreneur differ greatly from those of the average consumer, it is committed to surpassing your expectations and to assisting you in all steps related to the purchase, equipment and maintenance of the vehicles in your business fleet. This includes the initial purchase, the choice of body type and equipment adapted to your situation, without forgetting of course the outstanding after-sales service that will extend the useful life of the vehicles in your fleet, including routine maintenance as well as unexpected repairs.
More than just promises

Have you ever heard good promises from dealers that were worthless once the sale(s) was made? At Réjean Laporte et Fils, you will be in contact with several commercial sales representatives who will be the people to contact if you have any questions or needs. As a Business Class customer, you will have quick and priority access to maintenance (preventive and punctual) and repair services. You'll also receive a detailed explanation of Ford's maintenance programs that you can purchase in advance, including the extended maintenance program that is almost indispensable to any business owner whose operations rely on a reliable fleet of vehicles. A wide range of payment facilities tailored to your business needs, including the Ford Commercial Line of Credit starting at $250,000, will also be available to you.

Ford commercial vehicles

When all factors are weighed in the balance, the Business Class network offered by Réjean Laporte et Fils is by far the best option for an entrepreneur whose activities depend on a fleet of cars. Financing options that are realistic for your situation, sales representatives who listen to you, and ongoing, priority maintenance and repair services: that's what you'll find at Réjean Laporte et Fils, your Ford dealer in the Laurentians for 60 years now.