American giant Ford predicts that 40-50% of its sales in the United States will be electric by 2030. Canada will not escape this great news, as production of electric cars, SUVs and trucks is underway.

In the near future, many Ford electric vehicles will be on the road and the automotive landscape will never be the same.
The Ford Plan: ambitious and electrifying!

Unusual fluctuations in the price of oil and environmental issues are pushing the automotive industry to develop more fuel-efficient vehicles that generate fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This rather worrisome environmental situation is forcing automakers to do more to improve the situation. The U.S. automaker Ford is asking its engineers to work hard to get into hybrid and electric vehicle design and to offer conversions that have never been done before.

In addition, there is a strong trend in the automotive industry of cars disappearing from the landscape to make way for other vehicles, which are becoming more and more electric.

Faced with such changes, the automotive industry is positioning itself. Ford, a leader in North America and elsewhere in the world, is surprising with a series of measures that bring freshness to its products.

Hybrids and electrics are part of the mix, with the arrival of the first-ever 100% electric crossover, the Ford Mach E. This sleek SUV features a high-performance electric motor with batteries that provide extended range.

The Ford Mach E SUV has already shown its superiority in the market and knows how to stand out.

"The Mach-E is a successful electric vehicle
that will break down many preconceptions about electrification."

In addition, Ford engineers are embarking on the electrification of other vehicles and trucks. Some of these vehicles are hybrids (Escape, Maverick, Explored Limited), others are electric (F-150 Lightning). About this 2022 Ford electric truck, it already offers an extended range of up to 485 km!

In short, Ford's plan is on track since the major investment of 30 billion dollars for the electrification of new vehicles by 2025. In February of this year, Ford already announced an additional $10 to $20 billion to support the transition to electrification over the next 5 to 10 years.

This new money would be used to convert factories around the world to produce electric models. Eventually, we are talking about nearly $100 billion to develop new 100% electric models.
Partnership: Ford and SK Innovation

In the wake of this major action plan, the American giant is partnering with South Korean battery manufacturer SK Innovation to build two battery plants in the United States to meet Ford's new requirements. These high-potential plants will have the capacity to supply batteries for 600,000 electric vehicles per year starting in 2025.

Building on the popularity of its F-150, Ford is already delivering its all-electric F-150 Lightning, which will serve as a yardstick for the future.

The seriousness of this approach seems to be corroborated by Auto123 when it reports Ford's words:

"We are executing our Ford Plus plan
to transform the company and thrive
in this new era of electric vehicles and connected products.
and connected products."

In short, Ford is well into the electrification of its vehicles and indicates its willingness to make it a priority for the next 10 years. The automotive landscape will change dramatically and we will see electric vehicles on our roads in the same proportion that we currently see gasoline-powered vehicles.

The future is simple at Ford: let's reinvent the image of our vehicles and help improve the planet!
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