Numbers that don't lie

Just about every segment covered by the American manufacturer experienced a marked increase in sales in Canada, and we couldn't start anywhere else than with the F-Series. In fact, the F-Series had its best May ever, with an average growth rate of 5%, largely supported by the Super Duty segment, which grew by 8%. There is also good news on the SUV side, with sales of the popular Ford Explorer up nearly 10%. More compact cars such as the Ford Focus are not left out either, with sales growth of 7%. However, it's on the "green" side (hybrids and electric vehicles) that the numbers become truly staggering. The Fusion Hybrid and Energi experienced sales growth of 172% and 187% respectively! While these figures certainly reflect the evolution of consumer desires (and prices at the pump...), Ford deserves credit for having been able to produce vehicles that meet this new demand.

On the luxury side, once again, everything is going smoothly for the American manufacturer. While the Lincoln MKX and Navigator have seen sales increases of 6% and 11%, respectively, the Lincoln MKT takes the cake with an astounding 457% growth!

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