A proven formula

Ford plans to make money in its lower-margin segments by producing as many vehicles as possible on the same platform, which means reducing cars like the Focus (a subcompact) to similar proportions as other models. This isn't a crazy idea, or even a new one: this technique of streamlining car platforms has already been successfully implemented by Volkswagen, and it's a safe bet that Ford is up to the task, if not better than the German automaker. And for those of you who love the very compact size of the Focus and think you'll never get used to a different look... you might be surprised.
You won't lose anything by the change

On the design side, wait and see: the 2019 Ford Focus will undoubtedly be the most beautiful Focus ever produced. Ford is well aware of the tastes of the line's fans, and while the 2019 Focus is noticeably larger and more spacious, it doesn't lose its relatively modest dimensions, as well as retaining that overall look that can only be best described as "cute." In addition, building the 2019 Ford Focus on a common platform will allow the manufacturer to bring many standard features from other models to the Focus line.

All indications are that Ford will kill two birds with one stone by saving money while offering its customers a more attractive alternative to the existing one. To learn more about the subject and to discover the current Focus, visit Réjean Laporte et Fils, your Ford dealer in Lanaudière for over 55 years.