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Parts and Accessories Tailored to Your Vehicle

At your Automobiles Réjean Laporte et Fils dealer, we guarantee not only the high quality of parts and accessories, but also their availability.

Ford parts are designed according to a precise science corresponding to each vehicle. A series of tests are carried out in order to offer your Ford vehicle the parts and accessories that will ensure the best performance and durability. For every Ford vehicle, the parts that best suit it: this is precisely the principle that each of our technicians strives to honour in their daily work.

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, our parts and accessories experts are able to inspect each part with the utmost care to ensure its authenticity and quality. Not only will you be able to count on the expertise of our technicians, but you will also be assured that, thanks to our modern facilities, they are able to put their precise knowledge to good use.

Since every part is conscientiously installed by our team, you can rest assured that every Ford vehicle entering the maintenance department will leave with Ford-certified parts. Likewise, any part you may request will be certified.

This is our way of guaranteeing the best possible durability of your vehicle: a vehicle with superior-quality components will obviously be healthier than one with inferior parts. Bringing your Ford vehicle to your Automobiles Réjean Laporte et Fils dealership is a guarantee of the utmost care.

Our dealership has one of the largest inventories of parts in Saint-Norbert. However, if it happens that certain parts are not available, we will solve this problem very quickly by offering to order them for you. Fill out our online form right now to ensurethe availability of parts or to order them. We will promptly follow up on your request by providing you with the part you requested, specifically adapted to your vehicle.

Since each part, the largest as well as the smallest and most fragile, is of the utmost importance in your car, we make sure of the quality and availability of each one. Tires, batteries, windshield wipers, spark plugs, belts, brakes: all parts are scrupulously inspected before being integrated into your vehicle.

Take advantage of Ford's innovation, with certified parts that further enhance your driving experience. Thanks to cutting-edge parts, such as the CrystalClear windshield wipers which are the world's first heated wipers, the American manufacturer promises you an unparalleled experience. Automobiles Réjean Laporte et Fils guarantees you the Ford experience at its best thanks to its certified parts.

Order your tires and various parts on our website today: using our quick and easy form, help us find the part specially designed for your Ford vehicle. We will process your quote as quickly as possible.